Judges will be grading on Historical Quality (80%) and Clarity of Presentation (20%)

Every category requires:
Annotated bibliography split into primary and secondary sources (Noodletools)
Title Page
Title: how miscommunication caused the Memphis Riots of 1866
Name: Ayman Abdurahman
Junior Division : 6th grade
Process Paper Words:

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How Miscommunication caused the Memphis Riots of 1866
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Process Paper (the limit is 500 words)
The process paper describes how you did your research and created your project. It is NOT a summary of your topic. The purpose of this is to give the judges a better idea of how you did your project. You should write this at the end because it describes the process you went through to do your research and create your project. (FWI I will be doing a documentary based on this paper for my project)

Paragraph 1: How did you choose your topic and how does it relate to Communication in History?
Paragraph 2: How did you conduct your research?
Explain how you did your research- for example, was it hard to find primary sources for your topic? Where did you go to find sources?
What were some of the best primary sources? Did you go to any online archives or online museums to find information? Did you interview an expert?
Did your research question change throughout the process of you collecting more information? What did it change from/to?
Paragraph 3. How did you pick your presentation category and create your project?
Hint: It’s good to show that you thought about your category in relation to your topic- so judges like when you say that you thought your topic would be best explained in your chosen category and explain the reasons why.
If you worked in a group, how did you split up the work?
Did you learn any new software?
Why did you choose to organize your information in the way that you did?
Paragraph 4. What is your historical argument?
This is your thesis statement
Paragraph 5: Why is your topic significant in history?


Here are some example process papers- you can find more on the project examples page
Note: the inclusion of the historical argument as part of the process paper is NEW so some of the examples do not have it included



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