Students should consider what the words health and wellness mean to them personally. Definitions will likely be based on what students already know, and perhaps have been taught or exposed to. Upon reflection of these definitions, students will answer the following questions in the format of their choice.

➢ Be specific with your answers to the following questions.

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How is the state of one’s health influenced by stress?
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Why is health so important? (you are welcome to include your definition of health in your response to this question)
How is the state of one’s health influenced by stress?
If you were to continue your current lifestyle for the next three to five decades, how do you see yourself at that point in the future?
Where do you see yourself 10, 30, 50 years from now? What types of stressors do you think you may encounter?
Your health philosophy guides your state of health. What is your health philosophy (include your approach to managing stress)?
What or who has influenced your philosophy up to now (e.g., parents, teachers, friends, books, life experiences, etc.)?

Submission type: written paper. Creativity is strongly encouraged and will be factored in your grade. Have fun with this assignment and again, let your talents and creativity shine through ?

➣ Students are encouraged to cite course content in APA format if applicable. References can include the course textbook, research articles, reputable websites such as .gov (no blogs, no wikipedia, no personal websites, etc.). References should be credible – if you have questions about this email your instructor.

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