Ch 3: State Constitutions, then post to the discussion board as prompted
● How important is a state constitution in the framework of the U.S. political system? What are
some of the weaknesses of a state constitution? How does your state’s constitution compare to
that of the US?
● A state’s constitution tends to reflect the political culture of the state. Given this, how does a
particular state’s constitution reflect the values and beliefs of its citizens?
● The line-item veto grants governors tremendous policy making power. However, not all governors
have access to it, and states that do allow for such authority tend to vary in how such authority can be utilized. Do your states allow the governor this power? It’d be part of their constitution. What constraints, if any, are on this power?
● Was your state one that was bound by the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Why? Explain. Chapter 4: Citizen Participation & Elections
● Do the ways U.S. citizens participate in government create lasting change for the betterment of the communities they live in? Why/why not? What does participation “look like” today? Is it solely voting and picketing? Think about recent protests in your state and around the country and use them in your answer.
● Research has shown that more stringent voter registration requirements tend to result in lower voter turnout. Are there barriers to registering voters? What does voter turnout look like in your states?
● Have the laws in your state(s) changed regarding voting? What effect has this had on the turnout rate?
● What are the state rules for voting? Have these rules recently changed? How are localities in your state responding to the increased use of mail-in ballots? What changes have been made for voting during COVID19?

My state is Montana

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