Submit as single MS Word document.

Title each Part below. The minimum approximate length for both Parts together should be 1500 words

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How does social media hinder emergency management
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Part 1 of 2


What are different kinds of insider threats to our US cyber security?
What mitigation efforts can help address this concern?

Does corruption and cyberinfrastructure have anything in common? What are they and what can be done to help address this concern?

Conclude with a research or policy question for further research.

Part 2 of 2 (refer to Week 4 Readings in the Lessons for Week 4)

1) How does social media assist emergency management. Give examples.
2) How does social media hinder emergency management. Give examples.
3) How can emergency management officials help assist with providing relevant and detailed information about public health concerns?

Conclude with a research or policy question.

You must utilize literature and cite properly.
Use APA style. Submit as Microsoft Word document.
Name the single file “EDMG600Weeks3

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