1)How does learned industriousness develop? Learned industriousness develops from
a. an individual’s responses being reinforced while he or she is fatigued.
b. an individual’s responses being reinforced during a conditioning situation.
c. a person’s accumulation of carbohydrates.
d. a person being taught to be thrifty or frugal as a child.

2) What are the self-conscious emotions? These are emotions
a. of joy and happiness that occur during important events like birthdays.
b. that are experienced privately.
c. that regulate an individual’s social relationships with other people.
d. that occur in the absence of facial expressions or facial signs

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3) Seasonal affective disorder most generally refers to
a. feelings of depression in winter but also in summer for some individuals.
b. feelings of joy in spring and autumn.
c. feelings of depression in winter.
d. feelings of depression in summer for some individuals.

4)Two people are exposed to the same emotion-inducing event. What predictions can be made about the emotion that each person will experience? Each person could experience
a. the same facial expression provided each appraised the situation similarly.
b. the same emotion, since they were in the same situation according to the situational definition of emotion.
c. a different emotion if each appraised the situation differently.
d. either answer b or c could occur

5)What are the consequences of an increasing intensity of affect? As the intensity of affect increases,
a. the scope or focus of a person’s thinking decreases.
b. the scope or focus of a person’s thinking increases.
c. a person pays more attention to the environment.
d. there is no corresponding influence on thinking or on attention.


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