answer the following questions with at least 3 sentences:
Healthcare in America – week 11

1. Looking at the history of healthcare financing (C&J) what do you think contributed to the rising cost of healthcare?

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How do Healthcare Spending costs in America Compare to those of other Developed Countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and France
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2. How do healthcare spending costs in America compare to those of other developed countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and France?


3. Is healthcare a right or a benefit? Explain. If it is a right, then what is our responsibility in ensuring this right for all citizens? Should everyone have an equal portion, or if you can afford it, you can have more?


4. Who pays for the unpaid healthcare costs in the U.S.?



5. As nurses are we able to contain costs while attaining positive patient outcomes? Explain.


6. How, as nurses, might we advocate for quality health care for all people?


7. Other than financial resources, what are some additional barriers to healthcare in America?


8. Has the Affordable Healthcare Act solved our current healthcare dilemma? Why or why not?


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