Project Management Plan (1,700 words).
Although the project is conceived as primarily being a proposal at this point this part of the assignment requires you to think about and plan how the project proposal could be implemented into the practice area and evaluated. It is important therefore to consider the following when preparing/writing the Project Management Plan.

Who could lead the change?
Identify an appropriate change agent.

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 How could the proposed project be evaluated following the period of implementation?
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How could the proposed change be communicated to ensure success?
Identify strategies here that could be used by the change agent to communicate the proposed project. (For example, one such strategy could be the organisation of team meeting(s).

How could the proposed change be implemented?
Drawing on relevant theory identify a Change Management model and a Leadership Style/Theory that could be applied by the Change Agent to lead the change in the identified practice area.

What are the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (internal and external) of the proposed project? This could be presented in the form of a SWOT analysis table.

Time frame – what is the time frame for the implementation of the proposed project? Illustrate in the form of a Gantt chart how the proposed project could be implemented in the field specific identified practice area. It is permitted to embed the Gantt chart in the Project Management plan or alternatively you may present it in the appendices.

How could the proposed project be evaluated following the period of implementation? Identify an appropriate evaluation tool. For example, this could be a questionnaire.

In addition to the academic writing and the inclusion of supporting literature, it is permitted to include tables, graphs or clip art images (where appropriate) in the Project Management plan. To help there will be a module timetabled lead lecture and analytical workshop which will be covering the Project Management Plan, Change Management Theory/Models and Leadership. It is strongly advised that you attend.


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