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How construction technologies can be applied to proposed or existing buildings to help reduce their energy consumption
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Coursework Requirements

The coursework requires you to produce a written report (1500 words +/- 10%), including a minimum of 3 details (hand drawn or CAD). The aim of the coursework is for you to demonstrate your understanding of how construction technologies can be applied to proposed or existing buildings to help reduce their energy consumption.


In allowing you to use a self-selected case study, you have the freedom to find your own building to use as the subject of the coursework. The building could be local to where you live or work, perhaps a signature building in which you have an interest, or a project you have worked on or are working on at present.




You will need to locate a commercial building dating from the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s. You will be required to familiarise yourself with the site and existing condition of the building.


Through your research you will need to arrive at detailed, sensible, executable proposals as follow: –

• Details, design (including calculations where applicable), and rationale behind proposals to upgrade the following external elements of the building:-

• Walls (including cladding where applicable)

• Windows

• The report needs to demonstrate that your proposals would work with the subject building’s site and location, and the benefits they would provide with regards to reducing building energy consumption.

• The proposals need to be fully compatible with the existing construction method and your report is to show how they interface.


Your report is to be presented with the following supporting information (as a minimum):-

1. A title page.

2. A contents page.

3. An abstract

4. A clear introduction setting out the constraints brought about by the following:

a. the building’s use

b. it’s existing, or proposed, construction

c. the site and location

5. Your proposals and rationale behind your proposals including demonstrating how they are compatible with the building’s existing or proposed construction. Drawings should be of relevant technical details complete with explanatory notes.

6. The report should be professionally presented, organised in a logical manner. It should be easy to follow and to identify the main points.

7. The graphic material should add value, not confuse or have a neutral effect.

8. A conclusion, providing a clear summary of your proposals.

9. The text is to be written with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

10. The content is to be fully cited and referenced using the Harvard system.



Once you have selected your building you will need to conduct detailed research to establish detail about it, including where applicable:

• Its age

• Its location, site and orientation

• The local area climatic conditions

• The construction methods used

• The materials used

• The suitability of materials to limit external fire spread

• It’s condition

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