Scenario 1 You are the Human Resource Manager for ETSEE College and have been asked by the Director, Mr. Patel to investigate the impact of leaders and managers on the operations of this ever-growing College. There are different objectives ETSEE has set including expansion of the College buildings, recruiting more students and delivering an even bigger variety of courses. You need to take into account day-to-day decisions and operations alongside the three main long-term business goals of the College as well as how the leaders and managers are achieving or working towards achieving the goals. You will need to produce a report for the senior leadership team that includes the following: 1. 2. Brief introduction to the organisation and management structure. Definition and roles of both managers and leaders, highlighting the characteristics and differences between management and leadership. 3. 4. The different roles of management and leadership in application to different organisational situations at ETSEE, supported by theories and concepts. How the role of a leader and the function of a manager are different when considering the three objectives of the College and how they can be realised. The different approaches to realising ETSEE’s long- and short-term objectives. Conclusions on how managers and leaders have made an impact on the organisation and recommendations for future improvements. 5. 6. Scenario 2 Since reporting on the role of management and leadership within ETSEE College as the HR Manager, the Director has now asked you to feedback on best approaches and practices with regards to management. To assist with this, you will need to investigate external business factors that impact upon management and the decisions the management team at ETSEE makes. You will need to continue with your report and include the following: 1. Details of each of the key operational function, identifying the roles and responsibilities of managers in the key operational functions. 2. Explanation of the key operational approaches to operations management and their value. 3. An evaluation of the impact of external business environment factors that affect decision-making by leaders and managers. How operational efficiencies can be improved to successfully meet business objectives using appropriate management and leadership approaches. 5. Conclusions and supported recommendations for future improvements in efficiency of operational management to be taken by the organisation. 6. Conclusions and evaluations regarding the application of operations management and factors impacting the wider business environment and community. 4. 5. Pass Merit/ Distinction Differentiate between the role of a leader and the function of a manager P1 Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a leader and a manager. MI Analyse and differentiate between the role of a leader and function of a manager by effectively applying a range of theories and concepts. (Like “chaos theory”). Apply the role of a leader and the function of a manager in given contexts M2 Assess the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to situations within the work environment P2 Examine examples of how the role of a leader and the function of a manager apply in different contexts. (Pick two businesses, or two different situations, or two different people in any business) P3 Apply different theories and models of approach, including situational leadership and systems leadership Demonstrate an appreciation of the role leaders and managers play in the operations function of an organisation P4 Explain the key approaches to operations management and the role that leaders and managers play. D1 Evaluate how leaders and managers can improve efficiencies of operational management to successfully meet business objectives. P5 Explain the importance and value of operations management in achieving business objectives.

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Highlight the Characteristics and Differences Between Management and Leadership
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