Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic The Challenge of Self-Discovery. TRANSFER ment Question Lawton’s comment on the challenge of self-discovery is directly applicable to my own experiences. I see self-discovery and change as a process of reform and adaptation in which one person does have power, but they must first face challenges of insecurity and doubt. Without doubt, there would be no faith. A lot of people like to ask themselves what they can do, as one person, to change any situation. The answer is that they can do everything that they can, and accept the challenge of being an agent of change regarding social welfare and social progress, for the continuing pursuit of a type of self-knowledge that can benefit all of society. In terms of the growth and change I have experienced, I learned in the program of study in my former experiences as an undergraduate and elsewhere that being involved in knowing oneself requires a great deal of leadership and determination. people who are self-aware must ensure the success of others in every way possible by being effective team players who can make definitive, goal-oriented decisions based on skills and experience. I also learned about myself that these decisions are based on a foundation of teamwork, leadership, and communication that is vital to success. This is not to say that I didn’t face challenges. anyone who puts themselves in a leadership situation is going to face opposition, as well as self-doubt and lack of faith. But as I have learned more about myself, I believe that my many experiences as a leader, agent of change, and an articulate and independent planner at the university and at work, have helped to ensure my future success, my security in myself, and my future challenges. One major obstacle I have confronted in learning more about myself is learning not to blindly follow others, just because they may have superior numbers. I have learned hard lessons about what is called groupthink, and how it is a major obstacle to becoming deeply, truly myself. Groupthink can be an obstacle that is the result of too much social and not enough professional cohesion. Sometimes people get together and decide to agree at any cost, and in so doing, they give up on the part of their identity that can strive to make individual choices against the grain. There is a lot of pressure to conform to others in society, and accept what others think as a form of concession. Getting through this challenge and really knowing oneself means realizing that helping others is one thing, and following them is another. This goal of helping others has been foremost in my mind throughout my educational experiences. My academic tenure thus far has been marked by excellence and positive leadership. My personal strengths are in effective preparation and mediation, and I believe that I have learned a lot about myself in terms of experience and achievement, in terms of concrete skills as well as in terms of the ethical responsibility required of a true leader. In my diligent study as an undergraduate and in my experience working, I have met and exceeded many of my personal goals. At school, I have been lauded for my academic achievements, and was also involved in many extracurricular programs as a leader and positive contributor. At work, I took personal initiatives to further my development in the “real world.” I returned to undergraduate study when I realized that I needed further challenges to truly prepare myself for a more fulfilling career in my field. Personally contributing in such a positive manner in my field of choice, however, gave me the framework that I needed to put my future goals into a new focus, and I came to with this renewed focus bolstered by the knowledge of self that I have garnered through overcoming challenges.

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic The Challenge of Self-Discovery.
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