Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Future business needs of reverse logistics. Reverse logistics In the normal supply chain, goods are often moved from the manufacturers to the consumers who are the target population. The main aim is making sure that the products go through that supply chain to the ultimate end, which is the consumer. However, sometimes complications may occur in that supply chain and therefore goods move from down the chain upwards. One of the main reasons for this is when goods are faulty and the consumer wishes to return them to the manufacturers for replacement. Any movement of goods from below the supply chain upward therefore is referred to as reversed logistics. It is becoming a concern in the modern day supply chain that retailers should try to incorporate reverse logistics into supply transactions and should not treat them as individual or minor cases. The management in lace should also strive to link up the various transactions in the supply chain to be in line with reverse logistics.

The statistical control process can be of great help in the shaping the future of reverse logistics. This type of approach emphasizes on the end quality of a particular product. This process emphasizes on efficiency and ensures that the desired end goal is met with minimized waste and increased efficiency. This approach takes two stages: the first stage is the commencing of the process while the second stage is the frequent application of this process. The statistical control process commonly makes use of machine, man, material, and method in the manufacturing process (Dekker et al., 2004).. Since this method of production emphasizes on the quality of production, it puts a keen interest in the initial stages of this production method. This emphasis is to ensure that there is efficiency in the production process rather than correction of mistakes made at a later stage. This process can therefore mint reverse logistics into the initial programme of the supply chain to make the process more efficient and effective. The core tenets that the statistical control method applies are control charts, the stable process, and the excessive variation procedures to obtain the desired results.

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Future business needs of reverse logistics.
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According to Dyckhoff et al. (2004), the leadership put in place should be in a position to ensure that the process is not only efficient but also put across counter attack procedures. The main aim of leadership in position is to ensure that the return of merchandise is swift, less costly and convenient to both the manufacturers and the customers. The leadership should ensure that there is avoidance of the return of already sold out products as well as carter for after supply services that include transportation of already sold products. Avoidance of the return of the product is the most important step here because it will cut on unnecessary cost incurred on the manufacturers as well as the consumers themselves. It will increase the credibility of manufacturers to their target population and improve their gain and trust on their products. On the other hand the product returning procedure should be well strategized and planned to cut out on cost and save on time of reception and delivery of the returned merchandise. Gatekeeping, warehousing, transportation and the supply channel up the supply chain should be well laid out to ensure smooth transactions.

To make decisions about anything ranging from manufacturing to hiring and supplying of products, businesses must engage in forecasting. Forecasting the reverse logistics will reduce cases of returned products since an overview of the whole supply process will be looked into. Forecasts often give an over view of the whole supply process and hence amendments will be easier to make and loop holes easily identified. On the other hand forecasting could be misleading since it does not cover multiple dimensions in most cases. In the event of a slight shift in the state of affairs could result to undesired outcomes. An example is whereby by a large amount of merchandise is pumped into the supply chain expecting a large consumption population, and then a few factors are altered. This will mean that a large number of these products will be returned to the manufacturers. This practice could be costly in the supply chain process, to the consumers and the profit making. Problematic data should therefore be avoided at all costs and considerations should be made from all angles and variables should also be properly drawn. Reverse logistics will also revolutionize the sector of quality control through the constant and keen emphasis on the quality of merchandise. Since no manufacturer desires their products to be returned, quality control procedures will be critically employed and constantly reviewed to enable efficiency in the production process as well as reduce mistakes made during the process.

Reverse logistics will change the future of statistical control process due to the constant emphasis on quality control and efficiency of production. This will be realized though the change of leadership qualities and skills that will be put in place. The main requirement for good leadership is a good decision making which will automatically lead to more quality products produced and good services to accompany the products. In the long run this will curb down and improve the overall lay out of reverse logistics in the supply chain.


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