Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic College Transfer Quality. Personal ment For a long time, I have researched and consulted widely on the contributions of Biology to the well being of humanity. Over the years, my interest of delving into biology has been growing increasingly. Of particular interest has been Microbiology. This inspired me to join Miami University, where I am pursuing Microbiology and Bioengineering double major, currently in my second year. I am now applying for a transfer to the University of California for a major in Microbiology.

One of the reasons behind my choosing Biology as my major is my inspiration balance between both art and science fields, and considering the fact that Biology is a science mostly related to humanity, this course suits me best. In my first year in Miami University, I became a laboratory researcher in Dr. Lee’s laboratory, doing experiment on microbial ecology to explain the global latitudinal diversity gradient phenomenon – this experiment, which I deem simple, involved determining heterozygosity of E. coli bacteria in different temperatures. Additionally, I find pleasure in carrying out some little interesting experiments, for example creating microbial paintings by growing different microbial colonies, which exhibit diverse shapes and colors on culture dishes.

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Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic College Transfer Quality. Personal ment For a long time, I have researched and consulted widely on the contributions of Biology to the well being of h
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I have a strong feeling that my career fulfillment lies within Microbiology and I like the experiences in the discipline. Primarily, Microbiology experiments enable me to combine conceptual and formal decisions in the experiment. that is, explaining the macro world phenomenon with a small-scale experiment in the micro world. This is especially so considering the fact that I am in charge of the entire experiment and my schedule. Secondly, Microbiology experiments boarder/bridge my interests from science to art – for instance, those microbial paintings enable me to makes friends with many art major students. Thirdly, I have come to realize and appreciate the fact that I am good at interdisciplinary inspiration and this encourages me the more to become a Microbiologist.

What propelled me to choose the University of California is the fact that as compared to Miami University, this university offers more research opportunities for Molecular Microbiology, and has larger diversity culture, which denotes better chances for interacting with more professionals both from my specialty as well as from other areas of specialization. This would make me the best that I can be in Microbiology. In effect, the fact that the University of California is a larger university satisfies my interests more. Additionally, the persuasion that I can bring my unique interdisciplinary inspiration to University of California propelled me as well with this in mind: being amidst numerous and diverse great minds would help me enrich my unique characteristic, over and above acquiring more desirable traits for excellence.

I would really be grateful if you offer me the opportunity of transferring to the University of California to major in Microbiology, as it would give me the opportunity of fulfilling my dreams and achieving my goals in life. indeed a chance to watch my ambitions as well as career objectives come to reality. Most importantly, it would provide me with the chance of boosting my knowledge in Microbiology in addition to giving me more hands on experience in Microbiology.

I believe that my value for hard work, willingness to learn, curiosity while carrying out experiments, open mind together with my attention to details, all backed up by my strong desire to excel will be imperative assets in my course of study. In fact, giving me a chance to transfer to UC will provide me with a better environment to sharpen these skills further. With the support and the excellent training that I would get from my professors, well-equipped laboratories along with the determination I have in my studies. I believe that I will excel as a Microbiologist. I will always do my best not only in my studies, but also in practice, always striving to deliver quality and relevant results. I look forward to your considering my application and granting me the chance to be one of the students in the University of California.

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