Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Clinical Audit on Seclusion Use in Mental Health. The technique of seclusion has been a matter of controversy in recent times since many believe that it does more harm than good, and seclusion of children could be a particularly harrowing experience, for such young people, considering the concomitant trauma and adverse feelings associated with it. Even in the case of adults, many consider it more as a punishment rather than a curative exercise, which it should not be. (Locke et al, P.5).

Given such a scenario, the rationale needs to consider positive and negative aspects of seclusion and the impact it could have on the patients’ psyche and social interactions. It is necessary that robust yet careful plans, procedures and documentation need to be done taking the attending doctors, nurses and chief physiatrists into confidence. This is because the assessment of seclusion needs to be constantly and intensively monitored for ensuring the health and welfare of the patients during the period of seclusion.

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Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Clinical Audit on Seclusion Use in Mental Health.
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The purpose also envisages providing insight into decision-making used for the medical interventional strategy of seclusion and its aftermath, with respect to the mental state of patients and their reactions to such processes induced by psychiatrists and health care professionals for several reasons, which may not always be in terms of the best interests of the patients. It is also necessary that seclusion need to be carried out as enunciated by the conditions laid down in the Mental Health Act. (Industry occupational health and safety interim standards for preventing and managing occupational violence and aggression in Victoria’s mental health Services, 2004, P.29).

In the first phase of testing of hypothesis, the methodology of the study would be face-to-face interviews with a cohort of Fifty (50) respondents in a hospital setting in Western Australia, consisting of the following:

The method would be through personal interviews with Questionnaires, which the respondents would have to answer to the best of their abilities.

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