Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Employee Responsibilities and Rights. The other factor that she mentions is that an accommodation must be relevant. By relevant she means that workers are able to perceive the accommodation as one that has an impact on their lives. For example, accommodation that is valuable to the disabled person such as a special chair, special tasks or longer lunch breaks is viewed as relevant (Colella 105). Workers switching duties to give the disabled a suitable task is also viewed as relevant because it has an impact on others at work.

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Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Employee Responsibilities and Rights.
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The basis of deciding what is accommodated in the workplace should be distributive fairness and justice. As noted from the audio hosted by Ludden, on Natasha Jackson’s pregnancy, a normal pregnancy should not be treated as a disability. Even when women go on maternity leave, organizations should ensure that these women can get their jobs back and not only those who are in well-paying jobs, but also the low-paid female workers. After all, even the managers and the team members at the top were also pregnant or had pregnant wives.&nbsp. In Kelly’s article on religious accommodations, organizations should have rules against the discrimination of employees based on their religion, but it should also have a limit.&nbsp. In Peterson v. Wilmur Communications, Inc. (2002) &nbsp.case, it is my view that Wilmur Communications Inc. demoted Peterson because his religious beliefs were in conflict with the worker’s human rights. Peterson was in a religion that believed that if people were not white, they were savages (Kelly 49). Though no one should be fired or demoted based on his or her religion, religious beliefs should not be in conflict with the lives of other human beings. For a work station to be accommodative to all and promote equality there should be no employees who see themselves as special than the others.

Religious expressions and beliefs can be accommodated at work if they do not cause conflicts or harm to other people who practice different religions or identify themselves from different cultures, races or genders.

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