Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Housing Discrimination of New Immigrants in Toronto and Ontario. In essence, immigrants moving in Canada specifically in Toronto and Ontario have documented much discrimination from Canadians in terms of settlement issues. Some of these immigrant communities include Africans, Arabs, and those of Asian descent who move to Canada in search of the perceived good pastures. As many immigrants would say, racial discrimination is a fact that ills many societies and is not only a problem in Canada. In essence, minorities attract ratings according to their racial origin, religious background, ethnic language, and their sources of income influenced their living conditions (Patrias, Savage & CCLH, 2012). This tends to be a matter that is of exceptional human concern as discrimination of any kind is against the human rights provisions (OHRC, 2007). Often, immigrants tend to be last in the consideration list for possible occupancy in residential areas resided by those who are economically able in society. However, the grimiest housing blocks play host to immigrants who have a poor economic background in Toronto and Ontario. This happens irrespective of the education level of an immigrant but because of the skin tones that make them appear unable. Is discrimination according to one’s race justifiable in determining whether one can have decent living conditions?

&nbsp.In essence, the slave trade in the early centuries was a trade that many viewed as contravening to human nature principles. Subsequently, slaves increased in numbers making their descendants remain in the foreign lands. However, immigrants find themselves working for minimal pay as it happened in the past where slaves worked for lesser pay packages. In addition, housing conditions for many immigrants are demeaning as they cannot afford to house themselves decent housing because of their jobs (Reitz, Phan & Banerjee, 2009). In the past, slaves lived in poorly ventilated rooms as per the wishes of their masters. This aspect of inferiority has existed to date as Canadians do not opportunity to immigrants from other continents the opportunity to live in their expensive houses.

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Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Housing Discrimination of New Immigrants in Toronto and Ontario.
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