Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Democratic Party and the Interest Group AFL-CIO. In addition, because of the widespread influence of this labor organization, it can be said that the Democratic Party has largely come to be dependent on it in order to accomplish its political, social, and economic objectives. The fact that a large number of the organizations which fall under the AFL-CIO more often than not lobby their members to vote for the Democratic Party has been one of the bases upon which the power of the latter has been guaranteed over the years and it has ensured that their members are avid contributors to the Democratic cause (Burbank, Hrebenar & Benedict, 2011). This has been mainly through the massive source of funding that the party receives from AFL-CIO as well as the grassroots political organization that the party needs to ensure that it gets votes. The ability of this labor organization to conduct most of the tasks which the Democratic Party needs not only at the grassroots but also at the national level has been one of the determinants of whether the party gets to remain dominant in different parts of the United States or not. Thus, it is extremely important to make an exploration of the different aspects of this relationship in order to have an idea of the great interdependency that has developed between these two entities.

The Democratic Party is heavily reliant on AFL-CIO for quite a substantial part of its funding and this is mainly done through contributions made by the members of the latter towards the Democratic cause. In addition, the members of AFL-CIO often work at the grassroots to ensure that they encourage individuals to make contributions to the party as a means of ensuring that their aspirations are catered for (Burbank, Hrebenar & Benedict, 2011). The alliance between AFL-CIO and the Democratic Party has been in existence since 1955 and this has been mainly because of the fact that one of the&nbsp.principles of the party is that its objectives cannot be achieved without the support of organized labor.&nbsp.

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Democratic Party and the Interest Group AFL-CIO.
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