Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Cigarettes as a Cause of Fire. Keeping in mind that people have grown excessively conscious about the health and safety aspects of the products they buy over the years, cigarette criticizers often make an attempt to ruin the market value of various cigarette brands by spreading negative news about cigarettes. According to estimates, 700 fatalities and 3000 injuries occur in the US alone every year because of cigarette caused fires. (WALB News, 2010). Smoking materials were accounted for 1 in every 4 deaths in 2007. (DeBellotte, 2010). A typical scenario of fire breakout is true, portrayed as having occurred due to a burning cigarette in the hands of a sleeping smoker. Identification of cigarettes as a source of fire breakout in a vast majority of cases certainly appears to play a big role in convincing the public to relinquish the use of cigarettes. The argument here is not to justify the practice of smoking by overlooking its evils that are really existent. Instead, this paper highlights the fact that there is a dire need to rationalize the approach of fire investigators while they investigate the cause of fire in any incident because blind referral to cigarettes as the source of fire potentially hides all other factors that might have a serious role in the breakout of fire.

A large number of innocent people all over the world happen to be a victim of fire breakouts to their bad fortune every year. A vast majority of cases of fire breakouts recorded in the past have occurred when owners of the property were asleep. “Falling asleep while smoking can ignite clothing, rugs and other materials used in upholstered furniture.” (US Fire Administration, 19). It is an established fact that in a vast majority of fire break out incidents, fire spreads out in no time. The accidents leading to the break out of fire are such that the initial source of fire produces a sufficiently large quantity of fire. For example, lighting a cigarette in&nbsp.a room full of gas, or throwing a burning match over spilled patrol.

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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Cigarettes as a Cause of Fire.
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