Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Reflective Analysis of Higher Education. Before joining the university and undertaking bioscience courses, I was not able to manage my schedules and so I had to depend on what had already been planned by teachers. However, my life in the university enabled me to understand how to manage my self, plan my time for different activities and manage my work in a professional way to ensure optimal use of financial, academic, and time resources. The professional attribute of the university has assisted me in understanding how to manage my work, follow instructions closely with minimal supervision, plan my work schedule well in advance and ensure that all tasks are completed in a responsible and professional manner. For example, when conducting biological experiments, I ensure that I have read all procedures in advance before commencing real practical work unlike in the past when I used to conduct experiments without reading all instructions. However, although I am able to manage my schedule well, the only problem that needs a lot of effort is in categorizing issues on the basis of priority. In many instances, I have been giving priority to relatively less difficult issues thus ignoring higher priority but difficult issues. The consequences have been dire. For example, when choosing elective courses, I have been choosing less difficult courses at the expense of highly competitive courses which are in most cases difficult(OHLSSON &BORG,2010, P.67).

University education has given me varied opportunities for self-development through constant learning and being a critical learner. I have come to understand that learning is not only about gaining knowledge about a specified subject, but also to develop critical skills that would enable one to solve problems, make use of the available opportunity to develop the society, and be a continual learner through a number of avenues such as the internet or part-time education programs. Further, University education has changed my notion from being a job seeker into being a job creator through a number of business courses that have enhanced my entrepreneurial skills (POSTMAN,1995.P.68).

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Reflective Analysis of Higher Education.
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