Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Comprehension of Qatars Political Dynamics. Revamping of the region into the number one country in terms of Gross Domestic product has been ascribed to the oil revenue. Researchers have faced controversies on how they can typify such a small region based on international relations literature and traditional comparative politics. Similarly, Qatar has been identified as a region that is stable due to the absence of immediate threats to its political stability and security. Nonetheless, stability is hardly perfect in Qatar. This is exemplified by competition over political powers and internal conflicts in the Al-Thani, the royal family. Forced abdication within the governing families has been identified as the cause of Qatar’s past leadership transitions of 1949, 1960, and 1995. However, this ruling family has upheld social peace in Qatar for many decades.

Several studies have identified that Qatar has baffling political stability. Qatar’s branded image has been generated by its diplomatic successes. These include its notable role in hosting major internal events and involvement in peacekeeping programs. As a result, the country has experienced impressive achievements in the economic sector. Economic achievements in this Persian Gulf small peninsula have been contributed by a breathtaking modernization rate of the economic sector. In regards to a survey of the 2008 Qatar per capita income, the annual per capita income was estimated at $ 95, 000 at the current prices. This is ascribed to the abundance of gas and oil in the region. On the other hand, an outdated political system has been another contributing factor. The autocratic state of Qatar has been contributed by the consolidation of the Shiekh Hamad position within Qatar and the royal family. The silencing of political liberation talks exemplifies this assertion. Comprehension of Qatar’s political dynamics is centered on the religious and tribal structures. This is based on the strong and weak dilemma&nbsp.state in the Gulf region.&nbsp.

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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Comprehension of Qatars Political Dynamics.
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