Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Traditional Teaching Methods and Innovation. There have been a lot of modern innovations in the traditional pedagogy in the last two centuries. The twentieth century is especially important in revolutionizing traditional educational systems. After the advent of psychological studies and their subsequent educational theories, educationists and teachers became more aware of the students’ mental and psychological makeup and so they started designing educational systems accordingly (Kyriacou, 2001). Similarly, with the advent of the technological era and the advancements in the fields of IT, educational systems were molded accordingly and they became more and more reliant on technology. So overall the modern education system in most parts of the world and especially in the developed countries is very different from the traditional education systems and traditional educational practices (Goodson & Anstead, 2010).&nbsp.

Classroom environments have changed drastically in the past few decades all over the world, especially in developed and modern countries. This is mainly because of the fact that learning is no more considered as a passive skill but rather as an active skill. Previously for a considerable time in history all over the world, it was thought that learning is a passive process and teaching is an active skill. Therefore, a student should just sit and concentrate on “listening” ( that is again a passive skill) to what the teacher says, and occasionally it meant note-taking as well. But the main task of the student in the previous teaching arrangement used to be just concentration on what was being said and occasionally noting it down. This method is known as the traditional lecturing method.

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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Traditional Teaching Methods and Innovation.
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In a traditional&nbsp.lecture classroom, the teacher plays a pivotal role and acts as a nucleus around which the whole lecture or class revolves. That means that the teacher literally used to be the only one who mattered. The classrooms or lecture halls meant places full of students who dumbly sat and listened to whatever the teacher had to say about a certain topic, with little or no participation at all.&nbsp.

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