Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic This is NOT a paper- it is answering 5 questions-ea 1 pg. She was also concentrating on the costumes of the dance and dancers. The Times Magazine has named her as “Dancer of the Country”. She contributed 70 years of her life for the Dance company. Her one more experimentation was dancing and revealing Human movements.

Where as Rainer went one step further by becoming a filmmaker. He too looks similar with that of Martha Graham in revealing social events but differed from her from his revelation of the political side of the society also. His work is associated with skepticism. He tried out finding the difference between irony and cynicism which is also a missing concept in the works of Martha Graham.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic This is NOT a paper- it is answering 5 questions-ea 1 pg.
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Though both of them had the similar option of revealing what place art has found in the daily activities of the society? But Rainer seems to have gone a little more by finding how he could reveal the concept of changes that take place in a society, where as Graham restricted her works only with human movements. While analyzing the services rendered by both to the world of choreography, Graham seems to have crossed the perfect contributor.

Pina Bausch is a choreographer of modern dance. She pioneered the Tanztheatre style of Dance , a leading and influential dance works which came out from the German Expressionist Dance . She was sent to ballet dance in her childhood. Her dance performances includes a lot of German style of dancing and ballet with the concept of male and female interaction .

This theme is found in almost all her works. She has given way for a neo-expressionist style, dramatic and surrealist settings in her work of dance. This could be seen in her work Carnations[1983]. She has choreographed on stages with dirt or carnations of water covered over it . Men and women are found flirting tenderly then moving and flying each other violently towards inside. These are the qualities found in her works.

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