Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Issue of Marketing and Environmental Factors. This paper will look into the marketing operations of McDonald’s, addressing some of the environmental factors that have an influence on the marketing decisions of the company. To this effect, the paper will look into the effect of demographic characteristics of markets and cultural differences. Additionally, there will be a discussion on social responsibility, international relations, and technology.

Partnerships among various businesses are vital if global marketing is to succeed. These partnerships are instrumental for McDonald’s to become aware of territory that is uncharted and even builds the capacity to expand their operations into these regions (Gilpin, 2008). These interdependent entities are successful since they have access to large reserves of services and most importantly, ideas on how to improve the operations. Because of global interdependence, there are endless opportunities created for the expansion of McDonald’s, within America and even outside its borders.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Issue of Marketing and Environmental Factors.
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Global interdependence creates the need for laws and agreements on what should be the convention in marketing practice that traverses borders. Since the inception of the idea of free trade, there has been numerous free trade agree agreements signed. For example, within Europe is the European Union. Such trade agreements expand the capacity of organizations like McDonald’s to operate. When globalization creates increased capacity for such organizations to operate under subsidized tax rates, it benefits the expansion endeavors of the company (Werz and Fried, 2008).

The success of the market for McDonald’s product is dependent on the knowledge of demographic attributes of their market. In order to know where to set up their maneuvers it is essential for them to be aware of some of the demographic characteristics of their target, for example, the age of the population, their eating habits and the income distribution.&nbsp.

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