Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Eschatological View of the Church in Light of Daniel 9:24-27.

He notes that this passage provides the concept of the future seven-year tribulation period. Paul refers to this chapter in 2Th 2:1-4. Similarly, Jesus referred to this passage in Mt 24:15. It is also worth mentioning that the amazing events demonstrated in Revelation 6-19 are typically the expansion of Daniel 9:27 (Alva, 1960). According to Mills (1999) Dan 9:24-27 reveals the vision of the 70 weeks, which demonstrates that this passage is the backbone of all the biblical prophecy. According to Ironside (1943) the interpretation of Daniel’s revelation about the seventy weeks (Dan 9:24-27) is one of the major determinants in the system of prophecy.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Eschatological View of the Church in Light of Daniel 9:24-27.
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The interpretation and attention of all schools of interpretation alongside the attack on the authenticity of the book of Daniel combine to focus white light of research on it. According to Miller (1994), a proper understanding of the passage is the sine qua non of prophecy.This passage outline clearly the future history of (Israel, 1977). It provides a summary of the timetable of all events that would impact Israel (Robert, 1977). For instance, in the passage it is reported that Jews could have been aware of the time that the Messiah would arrive.

It is reported that Jews will able to know or informed of the time the arrival of the “Anti-Christ” (Anti-Messiah) (cf 2Th 2:1, 2,3 4, Mathew 24:15).Daniel 9: 24-27 provides evidence that the Holy Scripture was inspired by God. Undisputedly, the accurate prediction of the Messiah’s coming provides clear evidence that the Bible was not inspired by man but God who knows the future. According to Clarence (1929), the author and a pastor, Daniel 9:24-27 is provides strong evidence that proves that the God’s divine inspiration of the Bible.

&nbsp.According to Clarence (1929), this passage sets forth clear predictive elements that indicate the unmistakable ability of the Bible to predict distant future events. Clarence contents that Daniel 9:24-27 pinpoints the exact historic moment when Messiah would come to the Jewish people. He notes that this passage does so for more than 500 years before all event happened. Further, Clarences notes that the passage is so detailed and plain and has been always acutely embarrassed the Jewish commentators.

Dan 9: 24-27 substantiate the truth and confirms that God has sovereign powers. The prophecy in this passage is compellingly accurate and does not leave any doubt that God has sovereign powers and is fully in control over affairs of men and time.

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