Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Doctrine of Separation of Powers. With the recent constitutional reform, the Lord Chancellor’s role has been mitigated, and this has engendered a clear distinction between the executive, Parliament, and the judiciary.

A constitution has been proposed for the entire European Union, which requires a judicious reflection on several issues. Some of these are the supremacy of the House of Commons. and the presence of a civil service system that is independent, unbiased, and whose members are appointed purely based on merit. Furthermore, the UK engenders different international law approaches and its obligations to make its domestic law conform to international treaty obligations.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Doctrine of Separation of Powers.
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The British Constitution owes its origins to customs, precedents, and Acts of Parliament. Thus, it is a complex framework, wherein those who exercise power have to perform. Besides, there is no codified or written constitution in the UK. there is an absence of technical classification that would differentiate between ordinary and constitutional law. The UK is distinguished by a tradition, whereby there is a modicum of restriction on the House of Commons to formulate laws. Furthermore, several Parliamentary select committees have the wherewithal to garner evidence and make the government of the day accountable for its activities. There is no single written document, which can be termed as the constitution of the UK. This constitution is derived from various elements, which are available in different areas. The British Constitution developed through tradition, and as a consequence, it is asymmetrical. Despite the passage of many years, there had never been an endeavor to collect at one place the different rules and conventions, which constitute the constitution.

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