Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Self-Confidence Is the Key to Success. In order to maintain a high status despite this perceived lack of abilities and qualities, the individual tends to offend and oppress others because no one else is able to showcase his/her qualities as well. In such circumstances, it is the self-confidence of an individual that gives him/her the ability to live through the challenges without being affected by the negative influences.

Self-confidence develops an individual’s personality. An individual who does not have any self-confidence easily gets convinced that he/she does not have any qualities after hearing so much criticism from others. This deters his/her personality from developing. Such a person cannot achieve his/her optimal potential in anything. On the other hand, an individual who is self-confident shows courage and bravery when he/she confronts challenges. He/she knows that he/she has certain qualities and that making appropriate use of them would help him/her deal successfully with those challenges. This courage lays the foundation on which an impressive personality is built. Some people think that one essentially needs to be smart in order to be successful. However, this is not the reality. “The Smartest man alive (Chris Lagan) is not successful [as he] cannot even finish college [and] works on a farm…” (Gladwell).

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Self-Confidence Is the Key to Success.
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In spite of the advances in women empowerment over the last century, gender bias still reflects in the workplace to date. Men have a greater tendency to be at higher positions and get executive jobs compared to women. One of the main reasons for this disparity in the tendency to be successful is the difference of attitude grounded in gender. Men are more bossy, assertive, dominating, and most importantly self-confident compared to women. Women have a tendency to frequently apologize and become nervous for things even for which they are not responsible.&nbsp.

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