Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Resistor Manufacture and Optimization. The technique of construction affects the characteristics of the resistor when it is used in high-frequency fields. The resistor develops inductor and capacitor like traits in high-frequency fields, referred to as parasitic inductance and capacitance.

Carbon composition (carbon comp) resistors are one of the most common resistor manufacture technique. The composition essence in the resistor is as a result of the use of carbon as a mixing component. The conductive material in the resistor is comprised of carbon and stabilizing elements. Mixing is done by the use of ceramic clay as a stabilizing element and carbon or graphite ground in fine form. The amount of carbon in the mixture directly affects the resistance put up by the component, where this is determined by the ratio of graphite of carbon to ceramic clay. This type of resistor is cylindrical in shape, as the carbon is housed inside, and is coated (insulated) with resin or phenolic to reduce parasitic inductance.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Resistor Manufacture and Optimization.
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The resistors provide resistivity ranging from 0.25 to 2 watts and handle overloads better. Since the heat generated in resistivity is distributed throughout the resistor, the heat dissipated by the resistor is thus evenly distributed in the component, unlike other types of capacitors. This resistor is thus a great choice for pulsating and transient circuits where the current flow displays overshooting traits. Unfortunately, this type of resistor is affected by operational conditions of the surrounding such as the ambient temperature and humidity. As a result, this type of resistors is unreliable for use in precision and stable circuits. These traits thus affect the noise output of the resistor in the circuits.

Noise and stability of the carbon comp resistors are increased with increase in the operating temperatures. This makes these resistors best for applications of low to medium power.&nbsp.

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