Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Popular Culture in the 21st Century. Facebook and Twitter are considered a popular culture due to the massive number of people that use them as part of their daily activities to socialize, communicate, and even advertise products in the market. In this paper, the development of social media platforms as the 21st-century popular culture will be discussed to highlight how they continue to influence the reasoning and ways of life in modern society (Marsh & Brooks 15).

The growth in popularity in social media sites can be attributed to a number of reasons including the fact that joining the sites is free and easy for any individual with a computer and internet connection. Entry is also not limited based on an individual’s social status, race, or even religion, and this has led to the cross-cultural adoption of Facebook and Twitter across the globe by people of all walks of life. Human beings are considered social creatures whose lifestyle depends on the ability to interact with each other and have fun through communication and games. However, the 21st century is characterized by schedules that make actual interaction and communication between individuals impossible due to the different commitments that people are engaged in for different reasons (Marsh & Brooks 11).

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Popular Culture in the 21st Century.
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Social media has therefore provided a new platform for a human to enjoy their social life without worrying about the geographical distance that separates them at any given time. Through Facebook and Twitter, users are provided with an option to make virtual friends and interact with them in different ways to perpetuate the social nature of human beings. The growth of these sites into popular culture can thus be explained by the desire to fill the loneliness void created by the engagement that makes it impossible for people to interact physically (Fedora 90).


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