Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Examination of Current Institutional and Classroom Practices. However, in the previous years, the United States (US) undergraduates are going away from enrolling graduate studies in the field of engineering and science (Paldy, 2008. par 2). The students prefer to be immersed in social websites like Youtube and Facebook than be hardworking and attain a degree for a good career in&nbsp.the future (par 4). The country is practically relying on the enrollment of foreign students. In fact, about 40% of doctoral scientists in the U.S. are born in other countries and one predicament foreseen is, when foreign University graduates leave the country because they no longer find necessary to stay (par 3). Lately, public schools in several cities are hard-pressed, struggling and underfinanced in terms of meeting the needs of their students.

As an offshoot to the cultural attitude problem of the country’s young people as well as under pressured economy, scientists (Summers and Hrabowski, 2006, par 1) felt the need to motivate students more effectively. Thus, programs such as student recruitment from underrepresented minorities are adapted by various states and exposed the said minorities to the Distinguished Scholar Symposium and visit Universities to acquire ideas about advanced degree programs. The undergraduates are also given an opportunity to interact with scientists and visit labs at Research University (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2006).

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Examination of Current Institutional and Classroom Practices.
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Moreover, the National Institute of General Medical Science’s “The Minority Opportunities in Research Division” aims to level up the diversity of undergraduates in the field of biomedical sciences.&nbsp.

To bring students from underrepresented minorities who were taking into consideration the advanced degrees (like intensive research) in the field of biosciences is the ultimate goal of the student-centered program. The program continued in 2005 and in the succeeding years, slight modifications in the program format have been done.

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