Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Education Curriculum 1650-1680. Some states sought to legislate education. In some colonies like Massachusetts, it was decided that all people need to have a proper education. Therefore, school attendance was meant to be compulsory for males. This law was passed but not all individuals could access formal institutions. Therefore, even though illiteracy rates were moderate, most people did not utilize the latter route as they could not afford it.

The Atlantic seaboard had most of the secondary schools in the country. Places like Philadelphia and Boston were highly populated thus providing the impetus to build secondary and grammar schools. Most times, the townspeople would control their existence. However, the colonial government would still control or even support them. College education was even less common than lower-level schools. At the time, people who went to college were those who wanted to pursue religious education. Nine colleges were available between 1650 and 1680 throughout the country.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Education Curriculum 1650-1680.
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Harvard was one of the prominent colleges at the time. It relied on contributions and support from volunteers. Many donations were given towards this institution. In New Jersey, Princeton and Rutgers grew out of a need to meet the social and economic needs of the population. Schools were run by colonial schoolmasters who needed only minimal qualifications in order to carry out this role. A number of them only needed to know how to read and write. They also had to possess strong Christian values, and demonstrate loyalty to England. These individuals were paid in kind through food items like apples, corn, and others. Schoolmasters also multitasked as choirmasters, grave diggers among other things (Weeks 18).

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