Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Architecture Change by Social Environments. The Modernism movement has perhaps contributed to present world architecture than any other cultural or political movements of our history. During the interwar years (1914-1939) there were several notable people from the areas of architecture, art, literature, and design belonging to different parts of the world, who differed from the traditional forms of art and architecture prevalent in those times. As a result, a new trend in architecture was ushered in by them, which was more in accord with the emerging economic, social and political conditions of that period. The Machine and Mass Production. ‘Modernism’s cultural and political associations were often central to its dissemination (Corcoran 2008, para 2)

The proponents of Modernism also castigated the gruesome reality of blood, gore and heartlessness of World War I. Their quest for an expression to their ideas led to the creation of architectural shapes which were replete with bold use of colours, geometric forms and abstracted shapes of materials.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Architecture Change by Social Environments.
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Modernist artists and designers firmly believed in “Total Art”. This meant that all forms of art should work in tandem to change the physical and psychological environment. More importantly for the Modernists, what an architectural design meant had preponderance over how it looked.

The architectural history of Europe in the last five hundred years was marked by social, economic and technical transformations. The architects of the 18th century were inspired predominantly by the architectural style s such as the Rococo interiors of ancient Rome as well as the Age of Enlighten­ment in Europe. Architecture is a key to the town’s history (Caldenby, Linde Bjur & Ohlsson, 2006). Constructions carried on in that century thus widened the divide between rural and urban architecture.

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