Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Application of Series Resonance. The changes in both the capacitive and inductive reactance were observed and tabulated. It was noted that an increase in frequency caused an increase in inductive reactance while a decrease in capacitive reactance.

Series resonance occurs in a series RLC circuit when the capacitive magnitude is equal to the magnitude of inductive reactance. It is a special frequency that depends on the capacitor’s values, resistor, and an inductor connected. Resonance in series RLC occurs at minimum resistance when both the capacitive and inductive resistances are 180o out of phase. There is a sharp minimum impedance at series resonance, mainly applicable in tuning devices for selectivity. The value of the resistor, R, highly determines how sharp the minimum impedance is for tuning.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Application of Series Resonance.
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A major application of series resonance exists in AM receivers where the series RLC is used to produce series resonance for selectivity and tuning of AM radio stations. The series resonance is used to selectively respond to a given frequency signal hile discriminating different frequencies’ signals. An RLC circuit is said to have high selectivity when its response around the given frequency is narrowly peaked and a low selectivity when its brand is widely peaked. Basically, selectivity defines how well an RLC (resonant) circuit responds to a certain frequency while discriminating against all other frequencies.

In a series RLC circuit the capacitive resistance, XC and the inductive resistance, XL have opposite effects on the phase angle thus the total their total impedance is less than the individual resistances. The circuit is inductive when the inductive resistance, XL, is more than the capacitive resistance, XC, while it is capacitive when the capacitive resistance is more than the&nbsp.inductive resistance.

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