Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Analyzing three poems by three different poets. The mother is sad because of her failure to execute her roles effectively as a mother. Brooks portrays a feeling of remorse, longing sadness, and incomplete destinies that the mother had hoped to achieve. In the third line of the poem’s second stanza the mother is sad because she cannot breastfeed the babies since they are dead.There is a sense of guilt and resentment for aborting the babies. The mother also expresses sorrow and justifiable reasons as if yearning for forgiveness. In the last lines, the poem vividly portrays mother’s love for her aborted children. The mother shows deep love for the aborted infants even though she knew them only for a short while. Therefore, the mother used depicts deep emotions for her children yet she aborted them. She is sentimental and sensitive and at the same time heartless because she aborted her babies.

The poem has a smooth flow and vividly elucidates the events occurring in a straightforward manner. The poet used short lines with abortion personification employed as exhibited in the first line of the poem. Gwendolyn uses imagery style in the third line of the first stanza of her poem, she cites a mother referring to her aborted babies as damp small pulps. Therefore, the image of the aborted babies vividly displays in the readers’ mind. Imagery, death and feelings in the poem are concrete as they serve their roles for usage effectively. The mother is a symbolic representation of real life women and their actions plus associated consequences. Therefore, the poem plays a crucial role of warning women who opt to commit abortion.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Analyzing three poems by three different poets.
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Structure -wise, the poem has a regular rhyme scheme, which the poet properly portrays especially in the first stanza. However, it is inconsistent and is majorly end-rhyme.

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