Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on human anatomy Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Socially, she is incapable because she cannot move around and associates with people outside her homestead, as it were before age crept. Emotionally, she does not want to leave her home, though her state of mind does not allow her to be alone (Knowles, 2011). Considering the activities that Elsie has been undertaking in the past, the development plan of Elsie can be seen. They entail her investment activities, which at present she is utilizing for her well being. The activities she is undertaking can also describe her development plan. Where currently she is not physically and emotionally active, the information on the status of the various items in her life is also necessary to determine her development plan (Smith, 2008). The information necessary includes. activities that she was undertaking in the past, this would help establish her level of activity in the past. The hospital reports would be necessary to evaluate the health situation of Elsie. This would help those taking care of her know her medical necessity for her well being. There should be an evaluation of current information that includes, her current medical records, as old people are prone to illnesses. This would help the children establish better methods of helping her. Her present information on the available finances would be necessary to enable the family to get the available money and help her financially. This helps to reduce the financial burden on the children especially those taking care of her. Future information is also necessary to estimate her future needs the information includes, the various insurance policies that she is part of and her medical trend. The medical records would be got from medical practitioners who were attending to Elsie in the past and at present. To obtain financial information concerning Elsie, the family would consort bankers to obtain the full bank statement. The house cleaner would help to know the physical state of Elsie because she is around her most of the time (Smith, 2008). The development issues available include change in the role, where due to loss of eyesight, there has been meal delivery at her place for two years. Elsie can no longer do laundry for herself. thus the daughter in law has to come occasionally and do laundry, due to inconveniences there is a person who does laundry. There has been a change in the role where, Elsie can no longer go to the bank to withdraw her own money. thus the daughter in law goes to the bank to get the money for her. There has been loss of role where, Elsie lost her husband two years earlier, thus has been staying alone since then though the daughter comes to accompany her often. There has been a reduction in social interaction. This is due to eccentric adjustments, which include loss of eyesight due to age, thus cannot interact well with the community. There is damage to self concept due to age in Elsie thus reducing social interactions. Elsie is aware of scarcity of her time to live. This causes her to feel that she has much to do, that is why she does not want to move from her own home and go to a home of old age people. Depression in the financial status is also a development issue, where the daughter discovers that the account, which had constant interest from her investments, was going low due to constant withdrawals by the sister in law who takes care of the mother.

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on human anatomy Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
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