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Corporate social responsibility Corporate social responsibility The research will define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and show how organizations like H&M practice it. It will explain why it is important for organizations to practice CSR. The study will come up with various theories explaining why H&M practice CSR and form partnership with UNICEF after it was accused of discharging hazardous chemicals in their waste water by Greenpeace. IntroductionAccording to Ismail (2009), corporate social responsibility (CSR)definition has been evolving on a daily basis.

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on csr Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
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Today CSR is defined as the concept of a business considering the interests of the society by being considerate of its impact on the society, customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, communities and the environment in which the business operates from. Socially responsible organizations take the initiative of following the laid down legislation and also takes care of its employees and their families voluntarily without being under any obligations (p.199).They continue to say that CSR just means the strategies that organizations use to conduct their business ethically by being society friendly.

CSR involves a lot of activities like partnering with local communities, investing in socially sensitive ventures, having an excellent employee, customers and family relations and lastly being involved in environment conservation activities (Ismail, 2009, p.199).BodyTheories of CSRAccording Gotherstrom (2012), organizations like H&M can use the Stakeholder theory of CSR. It involves the organization management putting into consideration economic and social factors that affect the business during its decision making in its operation.

in this case the stakeholders involved include investors, political groups, communities’ employees, trade associations, government etc. These all stakeholders affect the business in one way or another but the business has to find ways and means of keeping them happy. This theory is not only how the shareholders can make more profits but also of how the organization can make decisions that will affect how the society views (p.8). The application of this theory has been on the rise especially due to the rise activists and environmental groups. (p.9) In the case of H&M, we find that it is involved in its CSR activities to atone for the condemnation that it received from Greenpeace in the year 2011for discharging hazardous wastewater with chemicals which could affect the environment negatively.

This is demonstrated by the way it partners UNICEF to help children in Bangladesh. The next CSR is Legitimacy Theory. this theory and the stakeholder theory are related in one way or another. It says that the environment and the various groups in the society interact and may affect the business. This theory acts in relation to if the business is not operating in socially acceptable ways then the stakeholders act in a different way to ensure that the business survives. These include strategies which enhance the firms’ image in the eyes of the society (p.9).In conclusion, should H&M practice these theories, it will not also succeed in its business by endearing itself in the eyes of the society but it will also be a model of an organization that is socially responsible.

By the virtue of it aligning its strategies with CSR activities, means that it is a socially responsible organization.Reference pageIsmail, M. (2009). Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Role in CommunityDevelopment: An International Perspective. The Journal of International Social Research,2 (9), pp.199-209Gotherstrom, U.C. (2012). Corporate Social Responsibility and Accounting.

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