Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on U.S Navy in early American history. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Despite the fact the Old Navy was ultra sized. it had the most sophisticated warships in the world. It presented a platform to the modernization of the Navy. The Status and existence of the Rhode Island was prioritized by the US government. Therefore the creation of the navy was billed and passed by Parliament of the Rhode Island in seventeen seventy seven in Greenwich (East). It should be noted that these events took place after the military hierarchy promotion of Captain Abraham Whipple in to an Army General. Governor Nicholas Cooke issued a confirmation to this. It was a defense move against the Frigates from Britain who posed a constant threat to the trade activities in Rhode Island. It was so serious that President George Washington begun buying warships using his own resources. The Schooner Hannah was one of the ships. The Continental Congress endorsed the buying of two ships that were well armed to attack the ships from their enemies like British for this matter. There was to be the existing policy that was to be adhered to by the continental fleet that was to reign throughout the Revolution. The first policy was written by John Adams which was accepted by the congress. Towards the end of 1775, the Congress ordered the putting up of thirteen frigates in the following a quarter a year, putting into account the resolution that was passed earlier on. Also, there was building of five ships that have two and two thirds dozens of guns, five ships with two and a quarter dozens guns, and three ships with two dozens of guns. A dozen ships that were build under the order of Benedict Arnold to prevent the British from attacking New York after Canada. This Arnold’s fleet did not manage that of British whereas the fleet which brought the British fleet was the U.S fleet in the war called Battle of Valcour Island. Later on, the ships vessels that were constructed were overpowered by the Royal Navy, which was more powerful than them. The only American hero in the navy who defeated the British fleet was John Paul Jones, who was Thought to have attacked other ships by their owners and when asked he put it boldly that the fight had not yet began. There took place the Revolutionary War which its end resulted into the break up the Navy of the continent in 1785, after the approval of Treaty of Paris. It is the Treaty of Paris that kept British Navy to work together with the ship trading and their support ended after the dispersing of the continental navy. The war between the American marine trade transporters and their attackers at the coast led to the Naval Act 1794. There was order that the Act should have the six frigates as one of its composition. the frigates comprised of four with three ant two thirds dozens of guns and two having three dozens of guns. The Navy then allied with the northern states and the coastal part and their enemies came from the interior parts. The establishment of the Naval Act led to the start of building a half a dozen frigates, namely: USS United States Chesapeake, Constitution, Constellation, USS United States, the congress and the president. The most popular of all was Constitution that was branded a name “Old Ironsides” with a lot of input from Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. The American Navy later fought the Navy from France in The Quasi-war as a result of Treaty of Alliance formed in 1778.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on U.S Navy in early American history. It needs to be at least 1750 words.
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