Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The progression of art (museum curator). It needs to be at least 750 words. The artists of this time were influenced by politics combined with personal experience. The era of abstract expressionism is greatly represented through art work by prominent painters. Claude Monet’s Impression – Sunrise (1867) Impression- sunrise, an art by Claude Monet is one of the most significant art works in the era of the abstract. The painting portrays the port of Le Harve, and a background where some ships anchor with their silhouette disappearing in the mist. There are three boats in the foreground that looks dim, and a well lit water to reflect the rising sun. Majority of the painting is made up of violet and blue color, but the water has an orange color. The boats in the foreground are placed at a distance away from the ships. This image gave rise to the abstract period, where art was taking a dramatic change. Similarly, the image also reflects on the nature and its environments. It further reflects on the desires of the countries to regain their wealth after the war. The storm free weather and the rising sun is an indicator that people had a brighter future. Monet expresses his thoughts regarding the future of his country prior the abstract period that would see great improvements in art work. Reading at a Table, 1934, Pablo Picasso The painting is of a young woman sitting in a table while reading at night in a room illuminated by a small lump. She is wearing bright clothes and shows seriousness in her work. There is also a colorful plant at the corner of her room. This picture represents a more mature era of expressionism, where artists expressed their thoughts through their art. Picasso painted this picture to represent her young mistress, who was only 17 years old. He claims that he loved the woman and that he brought a lot of joy to his life. It is clear that he is trying to express his love for the young girl in a symbolic way. Further, he is trying to show people that even if the girl was his mistress, he did not distract her from studying. The girl continued with her studies despite being his mistress. She looks colorful, an indicator that she is happy and well groomed. From the art work, it is clear that Picasso was trying to express his feelings at his time. The Eternally Obvious, 1948, Rene Magritte The ‘eternally oblivious’ painting shows the face and the nude body of a blond model in separate golden frames. The upper frame shows the face while the lower frame showing her breasts, her private parts and the legs respectively. Magritte painted the picture of his wife who posed nude. However, some details such as the hands, stomach and the thighs are not clearly shown in the picture. As expected, this photo brought a lot of controversy because it exposed too much. The breasts and the private parts of the woman are drawn representing every detail of a pregnant woman. Without doubt, the image is emotionally shocking to many audiences. Magritte was only expressing what he knew about the woman’s body. It was time that artist’s embraced diversity and express what they knew without fear. Although it was regarded immoral, the artist behind it did not fear to show the body of a woman in public. People knew how the body of a woman looked like, but dared not show it in public. The Satin Tuning Fork, 1940, Yves Tanguy The image by Yves Tanguy is one of the most eye catching forms of art in the expressionism era.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The progression of art (museum curator). It needs to be at least 750 words.
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