Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on REPRODUCTION. It needs to be at least 500 words. Reproduction Reproduction is the natural process by which organisms generate new individuals of their own kind with an aim to perpetuate their species. Reproductive rights, legal rights and freedoms pertaining to reproduction and reproductive health, identification of individuals’ basic rights to make a decision liberally on the number, spacing and timing of their children.

When a woman is pregnant, it illustrates a new life growing inside her womb thus. she bears ethical obligations to the fetus. This serves to limit pregnancy termination as a viable option by factoring the fetus’ individualism. When a non-life threatening reason is involved, the termination may be equated to murder of the innocent. The mother may believe in serving the greater good by considering the available facts and opt for termination as a right decision at that moment. Even though the decision to terminate may be right, it does not always lead to a good result. However, one’s autonomy may surpass ethical obligations and terminate the pregnancy regardless. Autonomy recognizes an individual’s rights to make his/her own decision regardless of the available options. In addition, morality is considered to be relative to the norms of an individual’s culture (American Nurses Association 3).

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on REPRODUCTION. It needs to be at least 500 words.
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The right to life is a fundamental human right as it is the crucial step towards enjoying the other rights and benefits. This basic right is recognized internationally accruing from birth, but petitions that seek to protect life before birth have been on the rise. Establishment of legal frameworks that protect life before birth would recognizes that life begins after conception thus. constitutional protection conferred equally to both the pregnant woman and the unborn. The mere fact that the fetus is dependent on its mother for its existence, only illustrates the need to offer protection to the viable fetus and its mother. This entitles the fetus to the right to be protected from all sorts of dangers. To ensure the provision of this security, the mother should be accorded the necessary environment.

A fetus is described as an unborn offspring in the postembryonic period from the beginning of the ninth week after conception until birth. This stage marks the beginning of the development of key structural features gearing towards a humane appearance. During this period, the gender of the unborn can be effectively determined. It can thus be said that a fetus is a human being full of life and its developmental stages. The fetus should be considered to bear moral standing and with equal rights, deserving protection.

An individual is a unique being, distinct from a group or family. One is considered to have distinctive traits and characters that define their being. Such traits can only emerge if the individual is nurtured to be as provided by nature. A fetus is an individual who bears a personality that emerges when natured. The fact that the fetus cannot exist dependently only supports it being an individual, as opposed to being an entity. Among various disciplines, no consensus has been achieved concerning when the human life begins. However, the beginning of life is considered to start at conception marking the start of cell regeneration. Fertilization marks the formation of a new and genetically distinct human being marking the beginning of the development of a human being by fusion of two highly specialized cells (Hillman, 2005).

In conclusion, human life is considered sacred and is meant to thrive to serve its purpose in the world. The value of the unborn can be protected by providing the necessary legal frameworks and considering both parties, however, the rights of the fetus are simply limited by the mother’s rights and interests.


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