Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Me and My Cousin. It needs to be at least 750 words. Compare/Contrast Essay: Comparative Analysis with a Relative

Family reunions are usually a happy occasional event due to the intensity of updates shares and exchanged among relatives. Our family holds reunions usually during summertime and the Christmas season. During the last summer event, our clan went to a swimming resort where old relatives and young kids had the chance to communicate, eat together, reflect on momentous events and get the compare and contrast between and among members of the clan.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Me and My Cousin. It needs to be at least 750 words.
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I, for one, was compared with a first cousin of mine, the daughter of my mother’s brother. The comparison was made in terms of physical appearance, academic achievements and future plans and prospects. The tabular illustration below contains a brief summary of important points structured for ease of presentation:

Comparative CategoriesMeCousin

Physical Appearance




Weight130 lbs.


Color of EyesBlue

Color of HairBlond

Academic AchievementUniversity Graduate

Future Plans and Prospects Pursue Higher Education

Get part-time job

Get married in 5 years

Comparative Analysis

From the tabular illustration, it can be clearly deduced that in terms of physical appearance and characteristics, we basically share the same physical characteristics, which is naturally understandable because we are closely related by blood line. Further, in terms of academic attainment, as I am currently pursuing a university degree, my cousin has already completed her degree course in /Business Administration. Likewise, we share the same plans for the near future which is to pursue higher education in our respective fields of endeavor and to get a part-time job. Eventually, we both plan to get married within the next five years. Sharing similarities are fun and exciting. We both recognized how similar we are in general thrusts in education and pursuing careers. We also actually share similar interests and likes in the physical appearances of the opposite sex.

There are differences however in physical preferences and behavior. I am outgoing and love to socialize with friends. However, my cousin is an introvert and had been tagged to be relatively shy and of few words. I am outspoken and I get along well with people from diverse backgrounds. I love to go out with people who are interested in sports, outdoor activities and travelling. On the other hand, my cousin’s peers love music and entertainment: their preferences lead towards seeing movies and attending concerts.

In terms of food, I love to try different kinds of food but my favorites are Italian and Japanese foods. On the contrary, my cousin is more of a traditionalist who prefers the kind of food our family has been accustomed to prepare.

In addition, I like trying different fashion and have tendencies to follow the latest fad. My cousin, on the other hand, wears more of the conventional style in clothes. She does not like too much colors or bold designs. She prefers wearing standard black or white t-shirts paired with denims.

During leisure time, I am always looking for adventure. I want to try new things, or new sports and activities. I got to try and love to go skiing, surfboarding, and antithetical activities like reflective meditating through yoga or mountain climbing. On the contrary, my cousin is definitely satisfied staying at home and listening to music through her iPod, navigating or surfing the internet and chatting with friends through social medium like Facebook.

It is really funny and interesting that we could be similar in most ways but at the same time different in other preferences and endeavors. Although we both value our family and share the bonds of closeness of family ties, we have diverse likes and preferences in food, clothing, and leisure activities, among others. The similarities shared, especially in physical appearance is rationalized by presence of genetic and demographic factors, belonging in the same generation.

On the other hand, the diversities are product of experiences and the circle of friends that have influenced behavior, like and dislikes, and values or preferences.


The comparative analysis between me and my cousin presented similarities in physical characteristics and in academic background and future plans. On the other hand, contrasts and diversities were manifested in values, preferences for food, clothing, choice of peers, leisure activities, among others. I have then realized that despite similarities or differences, we still share the same bond that unites us together – our family. The times and experiences we shared especially during summertime and during the holiday season enables us to continually exchange new developments in our respective personal lives. It just proves that we still love each other despite being compared to each other time and again.

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