Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Criteria used in order to evaluate the suitability of web-based language learning. It needs to be at least 3000 words. Criteria used in order to evaluate the suitability of web-based language learning

It is hard to imagine, nowadays, to think of education without a computer or the World Wide Web. As technology developed along with internet use, both computers and the internet have become considered a crucial part of everyday life. This phenomenon has also influenced second language teaching and learning. Therefore, in many aspects, technology, especially in language teaching, is developing continuously with many researchers claiming its value (Burston, 1993. Ausserhofer, 1999). Due to its rapid growth, a wide usage of computer and CALL (computer assisted language learning) technology cannot be considered new technology or learning systems anymore. It is undoubtable that computers have become an essential part of human life –whether we like it or not- and for that, what we need to focus on is how to use the CALL effectively and wisely. There are many studies concerning computer assisted language learning in CALL research areas to evaluate CALL itself. Also, a number of researchers have attempted to compare human teaching to computer assisted teaching (Lam & Pennington, 1995. McEnery et al., 1995. Windschitl, 1998. Allum, 2002). On the other hand, there has been relatively limited research on evaluation of web-based language learning (Yang & Akahori, 1999). As both technology and the internet are evolving every day, the number of its users are growing every second. It would be valuable for us to pay attention to the standard CALL evaluation criteria, especially when evaluating the World Wide Web criteria. This paper will present usable appropriate criteria when evaluating CALL, especially with web-based language learning, followed by evaluation of internet sites that are specifically designed for language teaching and learning. This paper mainly concerns evaluation criteria of web-based language learning of CALL. Firstly, the paper will look through web-based language teaching and learning in depth. Then, the paper will focus on presenting trustworthy evaluation criteria followed by an actual evaluation. 2. What is CALL? CALL is an abbreviation of ‘computer assisted language learning,’ which emerged with computer technology growth. To be more specific, CALL is “the search for and the study of application of the computer in language teaching and learning (Levy, 1997)”. With a rapid development in technology, teaching second language by using computers had also remarkable growth. The next section will cover more specifically web-based language learning in depth. 1.1 What is web-based language learning? By the mid-1990s, the internet began to rule the computer lab and affected “professional life” while giving great influence on second language teaching (Chapelle, 2001). Before, computers worked as a tool for second language teaching and learning, but by the mid-1990s, with the astonishing development of technology and a growing number of users, computer using with the internet commenced accessibility to a large amount of information than ever for both learners and instructors. In this sense, web-based language learning has its strong points in the sense that there is no limitation to the access of massive information (Pahl, 2003). This helps learners to be more active and allows them to look for needed solutions by themselves. The new era has begun with web-based language learning since students began to have free access to web sites and to also evaluate themselves by interaction with other students around the world (Chapelle, 2001. Levy, 1997. Warschauer & Healey, 1998). As researchers described the internet and computer as two of the most astonishing developments of mankind history, it is often used in many language classrooms to help them become communicative.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Criteria used in order to evaluate the suitability of web-based language learning. It needs to be at least 3000 words.
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