Assignment Purpose:
To create a system testing plan
Assignment Description:
You are an office manager of a multi-physician office. Your office has recently implemented an electronic health record. You are now ready to connect the office into the HIE of the area hospitals.
Create a two-page APA formatted paper responding to the following questions using at least one reference.
1. What testing needs to be conducted prior to implementation?
2. Identify at least two scenarios that might be encountered during testing
3. Identify needed resources for testing
4. Explain what to do when a problem is identified
5. Explain how you will know when the system is ready
6. Explain how data integrity will be ensured
7. Explain how data quality will be ensured
8. Identify who should be involved in the system testing.

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Healthcare Data Unit 6 Assignment 2 System Testing: What testing needs to be conducted prior to implementation?
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