What is this question asking you to do?
In this question you are being asked to evaluate how awareness of sustainable consumption is transforming the behaviour of consumers and consequently how marketing will need to adapt its interactions with its existing and prospective customers in the future. You should include an account of the chosen transforming/transformed behaviour. Focus on one only one sector/industry and one country.
Your paper must include a critical review of relevant academic theory and therefore must include a relevant theoretical framework/model to structure and present your analysis of consumer attitudes and behaviour. You should give a very brief explanation of the theory and then focus on critically applying and evaluating it.
We suggest you focus on the impact of this changing behaviour on a 5-10 year time period; however you may look further into the future if relevant to your selected industry/country.
To address this question you will need to review current evidence and ideas/future predictions from ‘experts’ and credible media sources in order to identify and frame your chosen influence. You will then need to evaluate the existing scholarship on your chosen issue, appraising it against the ‘future predictions’ evidence you have assimilated
In your conclusion you must build on the argument presented in your paper (do not ignore it!) to evaluate how marketing will need to evolve, including specific examples of your chosen transforming/transformed behaviour. Additionally you must give recommendations to marketing practitioners on the adaptations to their thinking and practice that they will need to implement, this can be stated in your conclusion.

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Give a very brief explanation of the theory and then focus on critically applying and evaluating it.
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