Part 1 In reading about gender roles and gender identity in both Supreme Court Expansion of

Transgender Rights Undercuts Trump Restrictions by Sanger-Katz & Green and Tangerine: the film that takes trans issues mainstream by Katherine Johnson, think about why gender is valued the way that it is in mainstream society. Supposedly our society is equal to all those who “work hard” and pay taxes but for those who do not follow mainstream definitions of what it means to be ‘American’, either by race, class, sexual orientation or gender identity, they are ‘marginalized’ or pushed off to the side and not recognized. Write a paragraph on the ways in which both articles focus on LGBTQ and specifically trans marginalization.

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Gender Roles and Gender Identity
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Part 2 When looking at To understand the Women’s March on Washington, you need to understand intersectional feminism by Desmond-Harris and Jeneé addresses not only sex being discriminated against but also how race, class and gender intersect. Write a paragraph citing this article explaining how Intersectional feminism addresses race, class and gender inequalities.


Part 3 An economist explains why women are paid less (Laura Tyson) points to how women are ‘marginalized’ or pushed out from the dominant group – Straight (heterosexual), white men. As explained in the power point there are 4 sociological theories that can address this inequality between men and women. Please use ONE theory: functionalist, conflict theory/Feminist theory, or symbolic interactionism to explain why women are paid less then men in a paragraph. Please reference the video.

Part 4Please read both Sexuality Education Begins to Take Root in Africa by Robert Engleman and Swedish sex education has time for games and mature debate by Sally Weale. In a paragraph please explain different methods being used in each classroom, compare and contrast, do you see similarities? Differences?

Remember to include: Article/video title and author where necessary. Include evidence from the articles/videos, a quote perhaps. The point is to submit a paragraph for each section that makes sense, and explains your view in a rich, detailed manner.



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