• Formatting, grammar, and overall quality is (20%) of the research papers total score: The paper should be one-page,single spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font (papers longer or shorter than one page will be penalized). Thepaper must be well written in paragraph format and should be both spell-checked and clarity-checked. Spellingerrors, poorly structured thoughts, and grammar mistakes will be penalized. Papers submitted in bullet point formatwill also be penalized.• Company info (20%): The paper must include the name of the company, description of the business, primarygoods/services, location of headquarters, the internet address and why you selected this particular company. Youshould not select a company where you previously or currently work.• The paper must address two (2) Operations Management topics as listed in the course outline. Addressing these twotopics represent (40%) of the overall research papers total score. If only one OM topic is addressed, the student willbe penalized by 20% on the WBR paper score. Some examples of past topics used are: o What is the company’s approach to outsourcing and/or offshoring (Ch 11)?o What type of forecasting & scheduling practices does the company use (Ch 4)?o What are the competitive dimensions / strategies that form the competitive position of the company (Ch 2)? o What type of production and/or service processes does the company utilize (Ch 7)?o How has the company incorporated lean, TPS, and six sigma principles into the culture (Ch 16)? o What are the company’s order qualifier(s) and order winner(s) (Ch 2)? o What is the company’s approach to sustainability (Ch 5s)? o Any other topic covered in this course…• Three (3) Questions (20%): Lastly, you must include three (3) questions that you would ask the CEO if you had theopportunity to meet with him/her. These (3) questions should be Operations Management related; like if you wereinterviewing the CEO for a newspaper or magazine article. Questions you might ask them would be aboutinternational strategies, past scandals, supply chain / sourcing practices, social responsibility, company culture, etc.Questions need to be more thought provoking than “where do you see the company in 5 years”, or “what are youmost proud of in your career”; they need to be related to Operations Management issues covered in this course. In general, the WBR Paper should be about 4 paragraphs. The first paragraph explains the company info, the secondparagraph will address the first OM topic, the third paragraph will address the second OM topic, and the fourthparagraph will be the three questions you’d ask if interviewing the CEO of your chosen company. ..

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• Formatting, grammar, and overall quality is (20%) of the
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