For this assignment you will write a well-researched argument taking a position on a debatable topic (one about which both sides have reasonable arguments). Pick something that interests you or that you are passionate about, but is manageable for the size and time frame of the paper. See pp. 249-251 in your textbook on how to pick a topic. There are many debatable topics! You may not use a paper you have previously written or use this paper for another class. Your paper should present your argument supported by outside sources. Your introduction will provide background, discuss why your topic is significant, and contain the thesis statement. You will then present reasoning and arguments supporting your thesis while incorporating research from credible sources and addressing counterarguments. Your conclusion should tie the paper together provide a sense of closure to your argument. Your aim is to persuade your audience. You will need to back up each claim you make within the argument. You should use your sources to build credibility and gain authority (ethos) to speak as a writer on a particular topic. You may use ethical, emotional, or logical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos). However, avoid logical fallacies and be careful that your argument is not purely emotional. Thesis statement: This paper requires a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be clear, specific, and focused. You will want to argue a debatable point, one that is supportable, but not something that everyone agrees with. Be aware of the “stakeholders” in the argument: who might be affected by the outcome of an argument, and what are their positions? Ideally your argument will be sophisticated, in that it does not just see two sides in black and white, but takes into account multiple viewpoints while firmly supporting your own argument. Sources: Your sources should demonstrate that you are able to evaluate credibility in selecting them. must cite at least 4 credible sources from scholarly/peer-reviewed journals or respected news/information sources. ..

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For this assignment you will write a well-researched argume
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