1. Please explain what the environmental costs of intensive farming (conventional agriculture) are. In your answer, explain the connection to the Green Revolution, chemical fertilizers and the common conventional agriculture. Additionally, in your explanation, use at least 5 terms from the following list and use them to further develop your argument. Please note – Your answer should be written as a narrative with a beginning, middle and end. The reader of the text must understand what the environmental costs in the narrative are.

Organic matter
Earth worms
Loss of seed Biodiversity
Tragedy of the commons

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2. You are asked to write a position piece for the United Nations with recommendations to address an issue we studied in our course. Pick an issue from the course’s units, explain it and let us know – what would your recommendations be? In you answer, please refer to at least 2 academic papers which support your opinion.

Knowledge sharing websites, such as Wikipedia and EcoWiki, are NOT considered academic sources.

Issue chosen for the 2nd question: Plant Uniformity


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