Paper instructions:

The purpose of the assignment is to:

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Determine the recruitment and selection strategy in which the best practices described in the readings that are used in local organization.
A carefully structured recruitment plan maps out the strategy for attracting and hiring the best-qualified candidate and helps to ensure an applicant pool that includes women and underrepresented groups including veterans and individuals with disabilities.

In addition to the position’s placement goals the plan contains advertising channels to be used to achieve those goals. The hiring manager in conjunction typically develops the recruitment plan with the Recruiter.

In this assignment you are the Recruiter creating a Recruitment Plan and Job Advertisement to present to the Hiring Manager for the job identified in Assignment #1. The recruitment plan is to be created in PowerPoint with a minimum of 10 slides. Using information from your chapter reading, lectures, and Assignments, create your plan by incorporating what you have learned. The advertisement is to be attached separately from the PowerPoint and can include any medium, i.e., radio (audio recordings), TV (video recording), or magazine or journal ads that you are to create.


The plan must contain the following information:

Recruitment and Selection Strategy
What are the key qualifications for a person filling the position?
Relevant labor market (must include discussion of home country versus host country staffing for the position)
Role of succession management and career management
How will candidates be identified?
Advertising locations
How will candidates be attracted?
Employment branding
Pre-employment checks
Who will be involved in the process?
Will you offer incentives to candidates?
Job-base pay
Disparate treatment and impact
The job ad must contain the following information:

Job Title
Job Summary
Minimum Qualifications
Where to apply
Organization’s Diversity Statement
Employment Brand

Suggested Recruitment Plan Format

Position Information
Recruitment Strategy
Posting Period
Placement Goals
Additional Advertising Resources
Diversity Outreach
Hiring Team
Selection Process
Recruitment Timeline
Suggested Job Advertisment Format

*Please, create a plan with all required information. I will transfer this information to PowerPoint.


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