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1EvangelismFORM109Final Essay AssignmentIn this essay, please discuss 2-3 insights from the course material that were new or especially meaningful to you. Please be sure to incorporate the following in your essay:Minimum of 1 evangelistic approach discussed in the course materialSpecific examples of how you intend to apply course concepts to your personal evangelism efforts, including how your individual testimony, personality, and spiritual gifts will be used.At least one potential challenge or obstacle and your plan for overcoming it.The role of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and Scripture in evangelism.You may find it helpful to review the “Practical Application: Developing a Family Mission Statement” in chapter 39 of Evangelism Is… as you plan your essay.Your essay should meet the following requirements:Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter, have a clearly stated central idea or thesis, and address each question or topic inthe assignment. Include concepts from the course reading, personal examples, and a minimum of 3 Scripture references as support.Logical organization with introduction and conclusion paragraphs, as well as body paragraphs with distinct topics and good transitions.Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.Be 850-1500 wordsin length. Quoted Scripture and other quoted material more than 1-2 lines of text do not count toward the word countrequirement. Print format:oMicrosoft Word document, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins.oEverything double-spaced; no extra spacing between paragraphs or sections.oHeading (name, instructor’s name, course title, date) and headers/page numbers as specified in TCBC Orientation course.Proper MLA in-text citations for Scripture, textbook, and other sources.Works Cited page in MLA format for all sources used.A properly formatted essay template is provided in your Student Resources folder. Please use this template as a starting point to avoid formatting mistakes.

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