“It depends on the situation.”
This statement lies at the heart of contingency and situational theories of leadership. However, there can be internal and external factors which affect an organization and the required leadership style. Sometimes external forces, like a changing market or regulatory environment, can spark a leadership change. Other times, a leader must adapt to the internal culture and behaviors of the organization.
While both theories embrace flexibility and adaptability to the present situation as the hallmark of a great leader, they each have their own unique characteristics. As you research and outcome-based, meaning that the final result of the leader’s work is the yardstick for success explore these theories, be sure to carefully consider how they are alike and different. Both theories are or failure. Reflect on this as you find examples of both theories.
Reading Assignment
All course textbooks are accessible through the Syllabus or through the course’s “Textbook” page. If there are any additional, non-textbook Reading Assignments for this Unit, their access/location information will be provided below.

After reading “The Role of the Situation in Leadership,” select either contingency or situational theory.
Discuss either the basic assumption or the foundations of the theory. Find or provide an example of a time when you either saw or applied this theory in action. You can create a scenario for me; I’m working in a high school environment to teach college and career readiness.

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Explore these theories, be sure to carefully consider how they are alike and different
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