< Previous Next > Compiling a “worry list” that zeros in on exactly which strategic issues and problems company managers need to worry about and consider in urafting a strategy well-suited to the company’s specific circumstances is an important analytical step because without a precise fix on what problems/roadblocks a company confronts, managers are less clear about what which value chain activities to benchmark and what resources and capabilities are needed to be competitively successful. the worry list identifies the specific issues and problems that company managers must address and resolve in order to wisely chart a strategic path for the company to take and decide upon an appropriate strategic intent. the “worry list” helps company managers determine how best to modify the company’s value chain, what type of competitive advantage to try to create, and how best to maximize profitability without a precise fix on what problems/issues a company confronts, managers cannot know what the industry’s driving forces and key success factors are. a core competence qualifies as a resource strength whereas a distinctive competence qualifies as a competitively valuable capability.

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