Paper instructions:

Write about the ad “Heineken: Back to the Bars”

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Explicate the Back to the Bars.
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Introduction: describe the text/artifact in specific detail. The description should be vivid and to the point of replicating the artifact in words. Your goal is to quickly identify your artifact so that your reader can understand as much as they need to in order to follow your official argument about the artifact. End with a thesis statement.

Body1: who is the rhetor(speaker), company, organization, or entity that created the cultural artifact? Who is the targeted audience? Why?

Body2: what ideas, beliefs, and/or stereotypes are being represented through the rhetoric of the artifact

Body3: what larger message(s) does the artifact convey? Who is excluded by it and why?

Body4: what does the this cultural artifact assume about the way it is or should be? Or about the way it isn’t?

Body5: locate 2-3 sources of criticism about the pop culture artifact (blog, newspaper, website, magazine, social media posts,etc)

Conclusion: what is the larger significance of the pop culture artifact in relation to ideology? What is the ideology it supports, endorses, and/or opposed? Why?

Cite evidence
Each body paragraph should include two pieces of evidence

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